Andy Rutledge on Creativity

This is the best read I've had on a blog (if you can call A List Aparta blog) in a long time. It's really mind opening.

Technical guys: don't let the title fool you, this is for you too. For a long time, I've held on to the idea that creativity is a process that belongs to the technical guy on a team as much as the design guy. Andy would agree.

Creativity is an inborn capacity for thinking differently than most, seeing differently, and making connections and perceiving relationships others miss. But most importantly, it is the ability to then extrapolate contextually useful ways of employing that data: to create something that meets a specific challenge. By this definition, creativity is merely a tool; it does not convey skill. (my emphasis)

So, if you want a really unique perspective on what creativity is, where it comes from and how to best use a creative process (no matter what you do), definitely check this one out.



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