Conference Season!

What’s the spring in my step this morning? Today kicks off the spring conference season for me. Hooray! Here’s the rundown:


First up is SXSW. In fact, I’m here right now! I registered for this long before Microsoft announced the RTM of IE9 at the conference, but it’s fortuitous because we’ve been able to help out a little with some fun stuff related to the launch (I’ll share more about that later) so it’s exciting to be here for that.

And of course I’m looking forward to some great sessions. Mike Kruzeniski’s talk this morning was fantastic. I’ll be heading to Khoi Vinh’s talk on working with grids. I’m going there instead of watching Rainn Wilson talk about his new movie Super. I guess nerd celebrities have more pull than actual celebrities for me. I’m also very excited for this panel with Thomas Lewisand Rick Barraza, discussing some of the ideas brought up by the Web is Dead article in Wireds a few months agao.

Also, I splurged this year and I’m sticking around for the music part of the conference and I’m really excited to see Owen Pallett and a hundred other bands.


Next up is MIX. I just got the hotel confirmation so I’m official. I’ll be speaking again this year, too!. The MIX folks just announced a new session format made up of a series of small UX focused talks. There will be three sessions, each of which is made up of four 10-minute talks with preprogrammed slides. Think something like the Ignite format, but 10 minutes instead of five (room, I guess, to get a little deeper). My 10 minute contribution is called “Farming for Ideas: How to Be The Most Creative You.” It’s about they heavy lifting part of being creative, the part that takes actual time and work and real effort.

I’m also hoping to do a more “in the trenches” kind of talk. More on that later when the official session schedule comes together.


Finally, I’ll be at Web Directions Unplugged in May, speaking about the HTML5 games that we’ve built recently. I’m very excited to part of that conference. The focus is on building apps using open web technologies (HTML, javascript, etc.) for both the web and devices. HTML5 as a cross platform lingua franca for apps is a very exciting proposition to me and I think it’s great that there is a conference devoted to that.

So, if you’re attending any of these, make sure to say hi. If not, I’ll post notes from the road so stay tuned.



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