Cut the Rope Backgrounds (A Top-secret Easter Egg)

Here’s a fun tip about the HTML5 version of Cut the Rope. If you launch the game with this web address:

…then you’ll get a page background that changes depending on the box your playing. In the first box (the cardboard box) nothing changes. In the fabric and toy (IE) boxes, you’ll see updated background images (the background for the whole page). It doesn’t directly effect the game, but it’s pretty fun.

More importantly, no one knew about this until now so you can impress your firends with your insider knowledge!

Here’s how it happened: I was tasked with designing the “box edges” that surround open boxes (like currugated edge on the cardboard box). I was having a hard time making the box border for fabric (green) box feel right. It kind of clashed with the cardboard background, so I tested it with a special fabric background. It looked cool!

Eventually I worked out a design that didn’t need the custom backgrounds so I disabled them by default, but left them in the game with a querystring parameter (boxbackgrounds=true) so that we could get an opinion from the guys at ZeptoLab (our client, the guys who created the original game). We decided not to use it, but we never turned the feature off. It still works!

So, try it out. Dazzle your kids. Impress your mom. Who doesn’t love a custom background, right?? (Answer: nobody doesn’t love a custom background).

Here’s the URL again: