Designing for Application 2.0

I stumbled across this interesting read yesterday. It's an attempt to sum up the things that make current (read Web 2.0) web design feel current. He links to this article which is in the same spirit but a little less clandestine about the "Web 2.0" moniker. Both of these are fast and fun reads. They are clearly about web UI, but they call out some solid concepts that, at the very least, would definitely produce a design that feels contemporary.

This bring up some interestng questions. First, do these concepts carry over into application UI? My hunch is that some, but not all, do. I'd love to find out what others think though. And if that's the case, which ones? That leads to the the second quesiton: Is there a similiar set of design concepts that we could enumerate for client apps? What does it mean to design for "Application 2.0" (and to do so successfully)? Also, what are the traps? What do people get wrong in Application 2.0?

This hits home right now because I've been working on a new verison of Kaxaml and redesigning a little as I go. As I've done that, I've been trying to push myself and be open minded about some of the UI concepts that I might otherwise take for granted. It's been an interestng process and I've seen some convergence between traditional application and web concepts. That said, I'm not ready to draw any conclusions to those questions yet. I am curious, though, to hear what you think.