Fascinating Color Visualization on Kuler

Kuler Data Visualization

I just came across this great addition to the already very cool Kuler color picker app (which is, in case you haven’t seen, now Expression friendly). It’s a visualization of color additions by season and geographic location. The impact of culture and season on the palette seem to be subtle, but some interesting trends emerge (like a bias toward blue in the US and one toward pink in Japan). Whether it varies much or not, it’s fascinating to see color choices laid out like this. There seems to be an affection along the “temperature” poles—blues on the one hand and warm reds and oranges on the other. The more ambiguous hues—the greens and purples—appear to be used more selectively.

Data viz is seeing it’s day and this is a striking example. That’s partially due to a great dataset that lends itself well to visualization. But it’s also a great execution. Nice job Kuler!