First Post

Here it is. Now that I've found a place to hang my online hat, I guess its time to start posting. A couple of things to kick this off:

The Name

Choosing a domain name was a difficult task. I came up with couple that I liked, but just about everything had been taken. Well, a good workaround for the domain name saturation problem is a modifier. That led to ideas like _un_static and some modified color names (like semi-orange). In the end, "not" fit the bill and led to "not static." I’m pretty happy with it because:

First of all, static is a very cool word. It simultaneously feels kind of retro and kind of modern. Plus, notis simply the best modifier (evidence of this: opposite day, Wayne's World).

It can be shortened to "!static" which not only seems to give it a cultural twist (denoting emphasis—like "static! woohoo!"), but is also just geeky enough to make me feel like I fit in with the other bloggerati.

It’s a good description of the thing that makes interactive design interactive--the fact that it isn’t static, and design is among the things that I’m most interested in discussing here

My Blogging Commitment

I know something about neglect. My first car was a 1969 VW Beetle named Shazam. I bent Shazam's front axel going down any icy hill while home from school for Christmas. I got the car home with the steering wheel cranked all the way to the right (taking only left turns) and took the bus back to school with the intention of returning in the spring. Unfortunately a ticket went unnoticed and Shazam was towed a few weeks later to make way for a snow plough. That was the last I heard from Shazam who probably eventually found a new home in the open arms of a police auction attendee. I can only hope he still feels loved.

Well, this blog is not Shazam. I’m committed to keeping all parts in good working order, never neglected.



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