Help Me with MIX09

I’m pretty intimidated by the amount of time I’m going to be wired to a microphone at MIX this year: a total of something like 7 hours (even after you account for breaks). Yikes. So I’m preparing content early. I’ll be doing two workshops: Design Fundaments for Developers and Hiking Mt. Avalon.

So, here’s what I’d like to know from you:whether you’ll be at MIX in person or end up watching online, what would you hope to get out of these? How could I help make this content useful / relevant / interesting / fun / more-like-this-and-less-like- this?

The first workshop, Design Fundamentals for Developers, is a crash course in user experience design. It’s all of the good parts of design school (inspirational examples, thought-provoking conversation) and none of the bad (homework, textbooks, or a 3 year commitment).

The second, Hiking Mount Avalon, is really practical approach to getting stuff done with XAML: how to organize a project, how to create assets, approaches to various UI problems, etc. I’m presenting with Jaime Rodriguez and you can check out the XAML guidelines he’s been putting together.

So, if you have thoughts, please send them my way. I’d love the feedback! Feel free to do so by leaving a comment below or send email to If Microsoft is going to let me fill up 7 hours of your time at MIX, I’d like to use it well!