If You're at SXSW, You Should Definitely Be at The IE9 Launch Tomorrow

The IE9 launch party tomorrow will be awesome. Why? First IE9 is a really great browser and Microsoft deserves our hats off for that. It matters. There are more people using IE in the world than any other browser so changes matter. And IE9 is a big change. It’s a streamlined UI, has great standards support and it’s really fast. Regardless of whether you intend to switch, much of the rest of the web will so you should pay attention.

But here’s the real reason: awesome music!

So you’re at the conference but you don’t have a music pass. You’re probably jealous. And you should be. The music festival will be amazing and, man, you are so close…and yet so far away.

Well, the IE9 launch party is going to right that wrong. You might get (justifiably) excited about the headliner: Yeaysayer. Such an awesome band! Awesome!

Between you and me, I’ll be there for the opener: the Head and the Heart. I’m so excited to see these guys live. They have a really good album and an AMAZING live act. It’s going to be great. Check out this performance from the Doe Bay Festival last year (below). Wow! Enough said. You should be there. I will!



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