In London for MIX UK

I'll be speaking this week at MIX in London so if you happen to be in town or, even better, at the conference, be sure to say hi. I'm really excited for the event. I'll be copresenting two sessions with Paul Dawson from Conchango, our "WPF Reader" producing counterparts accross the pond. They built a reader for the Daily Mail at the same time we were working on readers for the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Forbes.

The first session (which is on Tuesday) is about reading experiences in WPF and the comic book reader that we created. My portion of this will be similiar to the presentation that Nathanand I gave at MIX in Vegas. Maybe a little more hands on this time though.

The second session (on Wednesday) is about user centered design and organizing a WPF super team. In particular, I'll be talking about the Integrator role. This will be mostly new content and for those of you who can't make it, I'll make a point of posting my portion of the talk (either slides or long form) after Wednesday. As serious readers of blog know (this means you Mom), the Integrator role is something that I'm pretty passionate about.