Kaxaml Swag: The Stickers Have It

Well, first of all, you’ll be happy to know that the sticker order has been placed. Now we just need to cross our fingers that they get printed and delivered in time. A month seems like plenty of time, right? That’s what I think and so I chose to ignore the whole “delivery may take 2-3 weeks after printing” thing.

Second, thanks to all for some truly inspirational xaml-inspired poetry. Keep up the good work. Like a proud parent, I don’t have favorites (that I’ll admit to). But let’s just say that Cory is a straight-A student and I know what you mean about the bitter tears. And Dr. WPF, if you send me your Zune then I’ll happily Kaxaml-brand it for you.

Once the stickers show up, I’ll start trying to track folks down for a place where I should send the loot. In the meantime, if you’ve submitted your poem then know that your sticker has been secured (no pun intended). For those who haven’t yet found inspiration, there’s still time. Haiku too constraining? New rule: I’ll also accept a Fib) (that’s right, Fibonacci poetry).