Kaxaml Update + Downloads + A Request

Kaxaml Update

I had a great conversation with Rob Relyea (Mr. XAML) yesterday about the future of Kaxaml and he shared a lot of very useful pointers about how to use some upcoming .NET 4.0 features to make Kaxaml super awesome. Looks like he’s already written much of the code for us!

So here’s the plan. No updates until the week after MIX, but I’ve reserved a few days that week to dig in. At that point, I’ll also update the code on codeplex and if anyone would like to lend a hand, I would warmly welcome it. I haven’t done a good job getting community support in the code so far. Part of the next update will be (hopefully) making community participation a little easier. If you’re interested in lending a hand that week, let me know. It will be fun. Maybe we can make t-shirts or something.

Some of the features I’d like to add (time permitting):

  • Support for external assemblies
  • x:Class / Event stripping
  • Basic .csproj support / App.xaml support
  • “Real” intellisense (right now I just parse a big .XSD)
  • Better Silveright support (some tough problems here still)
  • ResourceDictionary preview
  • Better MVVM (when I wrote this, MVVM was really new and the current implementation feels very broken now)


I noticed this morning that I’ve had 88,000 downloads of Kaxaml so far. That sort of blew my mind. I realize that as developers we reinstall our machines a lot. At least a dozen of those downloads are from me, but it’s still a much bigger number than I expected. I’ve had a pretty good number of inquiries over that time from people who want make donations. I’ve never accepted anything but the gesture has always been really appreciated.

The Request

Well, I have a request. If you use Kaxaml, here’s a way to help: this morning I got an email from a colleague in Romania (Niamtu Dragos). He’s the man behind xamltemplates.net. Dragos is currently donating any sales of the content on his site to Daniel Raduta.

I don’t know Daniel, but he’s got leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant that he can’t afford. He’s a developer like us and he has a family. He’s expecting his first child next month. I find it tragic that right now his life depends mostly on financing! The knowledge and technology to beat this exist, he just needs to pay for it. Seems like that should be a technicality or an afterthought but right now it’s the thing that’s keeping him from getting the help he needs. That’s heartbreaking!

So, here’s the request: If you’ve thought about donating to Kaxaml in the past then use those funds to support Daniel. Theoretically, there are thousands of us. If we each donated just a few dollars we would save this guys life! To donate, you can buy something from xamltemplates.net or donate directly to Danielby clicking below. If you do and you want to let me know it was for Kaxaml, drop me a line (or feel to keep it anonymous too).



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