5 Reasons You Should Come to My Typography Talk at MIX11

MIX is in the air (I'm referring specifically to the mix of fragrance and air that gets pumped through the lobby at Mandalay Bay). It’s a big one this year. We can all tell that there’s something big brewing inside the mothership and we’re hoping to get a glimpse. That makes things fun, but also a little tense. When I worked at Microsoft I always felt frustrated that we couldn’t keep a secret. Now I feel frustrated that Microsoft seems to be so good at it!

Well, if you need a distraction, that distraction should be typography. It’s the slow-down alternative to the MIX craziness. I’ll be speaking on Tuesday at 2:00. Be there or be square. How square? Here are 5 can’t ignore reasons to be there:

  1. Typography matters more today than ever. Windows Phone relies heavily on good typography. So does the web.
  2. This talk is a primer. No previous typography experience required. Think of it as Part IV of the Design for Developers workshop series I did a few years ago.
  3. We’ll skip the boring stuff. No lessons on the anatomy of letters.
  4. No controversial technology. Sick of the unavoidable HTML5 vs. Silverlight or Windows Phone vs. Android conversations? We’ll talk a little about ClearType, but that’s as controversial as it gets. Take a break. Learn something different. This is a design talk.
  5. There might be prizes. I'm not saying there will and I'm not saying there won't.

Having said that, there are a few good reasons not to come to my talk.

  1. You’re tool cool to care about typography. Fine. We don’t want you there anyway.
  2. You want to go to Laurent’s sure-to-be-excellent deep dive into MVVM which is at the same time.
  3. Or maybe you want to see Scott’s equally awesome sounding talk about HTML5. It’s also at the same time. In fact, I may go to that one myself (in which case I leave my slides on auto-play so you’re still free to choose).
  4. You already know a whole lot about digital typography and only planned on coming to heckle me.
  5. You don’t like cool stuff. And you smell bad. And you can't dance.

So there you go. Convinced? Well, have a great MIX and see you at the talk!



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