New Look!

a new look for nerdplusart

I've been (not so) quietly rolling out a new design for nerdplusart over the last couple of weeks and tonight it went live. Really, this project is over a month (2 months?) old now. It's hard to make time for personal projects! Tonight, however, I bit the bullet. When I started writing 301 redirects I knew I was in for a long night that had to end in being done. You can't redirect half of a site and still respect yourself.

More about the site later. For now, a few highlights:

  • It's HTML5-happy with semantic markup (in most cases) HTML5 based media players for videos and music where applicable.
  • The structure of the site should be simpler and hopefully more maintainable. The old site had bunch of static content lying around and the resulted in a lot of broken links. I've tried to clean up links I could find but there are still holes. The good news is that I'm logging those now.
  • The thing that was the most fun to build is the all new nerdplusart music player (click on radio in the header)! It plays tracks from my tumblr blog (found.nerdplusart). Creating that was a crazy hackfest over the holidays. Very fun. And it works!
  • The site is designed to feel very typographic (like a book, maybe) and nearly monochromatic (with just a little orange for good measure). I think I need to face up to the fact that I'm a minimalist.
  • There is a new portfolio section where I can showcase some design work. It's sparse right now. Of the 24 items I had intended to post, I've posted 6. I'll get the rest up soon.

More later. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you think of the new site! Also, be sure to let me know if you can't find something or if something feels broken. There was a lot of content shuffling!

Oh, last thing: the homepage says I'm an "awesomeness enthusiast." I thought that was funny because, you know, it's kind of redundant. Of course I'm enthusiastic about awesomeness because if I wasn't I wouldn't find it awesome. Right? I've been told that the joke is too subtle. Hmm. Maybe if you have to explain it, isn't funny. Thoughts?



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