PDC Badge

I just added the PDC badge to the sidebar. I'm giving a talk at the PDC this year called Beautiful Code, Beautiful Design - Applications Your Designers Can Work With. I'm really not crazy about the name. Inspiration, however, has been slow on this one. It may be too late to make changes, but please let me know if you have suggestions.

The content, on other hand, is super compelling. That's important, I suppose, that I find the content of my own talk super compelling. The talk will be pretty true to the abstract. I'll be talking about styling: resources, styles, templates, triggers, storyboards, etc.

Getting the content together is a lot of work. I've been focusing on the demo first so that the demo drives the rest of the content. When I've done things in reverse order in the past, the demo ends up feeling contrived and hard to talk to.

I've also been helping other people on the team with their talks. Actually, help _may imply more than I've done. More like _listen. We do a lot of this--bounce ideas off each other to make sure we're presenting things in a way that makes sense. So far the content is really coming together. Expect compelling content this year and good insight from the speakers. The platform has really matured since the last PDC two years ago and I've been really impressed with the depth and quality of the talks so far.

Other bloggers giving talks are: Kevin, Chris, Henry, Lauren, Nick, Fil, and Rob.