Processing 1.0 Now Available

If you haven’t heard of Processing (the proper noun) then take a minute to soak up it’s animation-y goodness here or learn about it here or, better yet, download it here.

It’s nerd + art + a formal grammar: a simplified, graphics-focused programming language (based on Java, but begging to be ported) that has become the platform for all kinds of incredible art / data visualization / experimental interaction / academic projects (everything from the actual Minority Report UIto the Applied Physics lab at the University of Washington). Think of it as Logo) 2008.

It ships with a number of samples and it’s easy and fun to play with… it’s another great way to find inspiration as you’re exploring new ways to approach UI.

Here’s one example, a project that was featured on the site:

Roots Multi Touch Tangible Installation Teaser from BricK Table on Vimeo.