The Web is no longer uncomplicated like it was when it first emerged and today it is complex. Websites are packed full of video and interactive features. Without the help of apps, you wouldn’t be able to view and interact with all the new features.

It’s why programmers have had to create new applications, one of which is Silverlight. Silverlight 3D is a web browser plugin that enables audio-video playback features and animation. Engineers of Microsoft built Silverlight as an extension of other Microsoft projects. Silverlight is cross-browser technology and its applications will work on PCs or Mac computers and within browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Although Silverlight is a fairly new technology there are some developers that are irritated with yet another  Web technology that requires a downloadable plug-in to work.

As a development platform, streaming media was a popular feature of Silverlight when it came out. But it didn’t stay there and Silverlight has evolved to deliver Rich Internet Applications on the web. You need a plugin for Silverlight to operate on your web portal. Another version was introduced in 2011 and another in 2019. Some of its more important features are Perspective 3D graphics.


The development of Silverlight has shown a steady rise. Silverlight 4 is a superset of Silverlight 3, a superset of Silverlight 2. You can see that Silverlight 1.0 was just the start of rich interactive applications, and soon after the focus moved to Silverlight 2, the first .net-based version.

Silverlight 2 was revolutionary because it brought the .net framework for the first time as a subset to other platforms. It included the likes of enhanced video and new tool support as well as many other features.

For those who know Silverlight, they say it’s similar to Adobe Flash.  It requires both users and developers to download a client. Web developers have the ability to incorporate audio, animation, and streaming video into Web pages. Making use of Silverlight technology, programmers can create user-interactive web applications.

Silverlight is just one of many tools to help programmers create better RIAs.

Silverlight platform has what is known as architecture – an arrangement of functions and features.  This architecture can tell you a lot about how the program works. Silverlight is a powerful platform with 2 important components – the .NET framework and a core presentation framework.

The core presentation framework has a user interface, a media engine, an input interface, a digital right management element, a parser for XAML, support for data binding, and others.

Features of the .Net Framework include support for language integrated Query features, a base class library. Features are known as Common Language Runtime and others.

Many applications

The application of Silverlight is limitless and even though Silverlight is still fairly new, there are these many applications.

Programmers also use Silverlight to interact with other web services and Twitter light for instance is a Silverlight application and Silverlight also supports Linux PCs, with the plug-in name for Linux being Moonlight. If you aren’t sure whether Silverlight is installed on your PC, you can go to the Microsoft Silverlight Installation Page.

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