About Us

Designing visual effects for all kinds of media is what NerdPlusArt.com is all about. Fonts, colors, photography, animation, logos – whatever you are searching for, you will find news and tutorials about them here.

We specialize in 3D, interactive graphics for websites, game design, multimedia, or animation, whichever area you need art in. With our graphic design team, we create visual concepts by hand or with computer software that will stun you.

If you’re an artist, it is your website that carries your portfolio of offerings and NerdPlusArt.com ensures that digital marketing generates awareness about your artwork with the likes of blogs and others.

We know that art marketing is key to being an artist and also promoting your work so that it reaches collectors, art enthusiasts, and curators with in-depth descriptions of your art.

You will get all kinds of news and tutorials about designing, photography, logos animations, and much more. So, stay connected with us.
You can contact us through email at [email protected].

We’ll be happy to collaborate with you.