There’s been a lot of good news at IdentityMine in the last couple of weeks: Laurent decided to join the team; we found out about a prominent ranking with Inc. magazine; and there’s been a stream of internal good news.  It’s been a really great month.

All that has made a hard decision even harder for me, but I’ve decided to leave IdentityMine and embark down my own path.

I know.  What am I doing?  IdentityMine has been amazing.  It’s a great company where I’ve learned a lot and made life long fiends.  I’ll really miss it.

On the other hand, venturing out on my own has been a life long ambition.  So right now, I’m mostly just excited about a big challenge and a bet I’ve always wanted to make.  Even though it’s not an easy decision, hopefully I’ve made a good one.

In the meantime, all my best to everyone at IdentityMine.  Any good I do on my own is, in no small way, a reflection of all of you.

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