The last few weeks have seen many good things happening at IdentityMine. We had Laurent joining the team, an outstanding ranking was found with Inc. magazine, and internal good news seems to be flowing. All in all, an incredible month.

All this made an already hard decision even harder for me, but I, nevertheless, decided to stick to my decision of leaving IdentityMine and exploring new avenues.

Sometimes I wonder what am I up to? Identitymine was a fantastic place for me that taught me so many things and gave me life-long friends. I know I am going to miss it badly.

But then what pushed me to say goodbye to all of it? It is my life-long ambition to do something on my own. So this big challenge is keeping me excited. The decision was in no way an easy one, but I really pray, it was a good decision

With this, I would like to wish everyone at IdentityMine the best of everything. And anything that I may be able to accomplish on my own, you all would have contributed to it in some way or the other.

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