I took my new Jing Pro account to task today and recorded a few videos about Kaxaml.  I’ve been meaning to record these for, well, about a year.  It’s been a really busy year!

There are a couple of Kaxaml features that you probably wouldn’t know existed unless somebody told you about them.  So far, I’ve told about three people.  Even if they’ve told three people each, we’re only at nine…so my hunch is that word is spreading slowly.

The first is an intellisense-like dropdown menu for snippets.  Then comes a cool “synchronize” feature in the ColorPicker.  And, last but not least, is the Paste Image feature which lets you past images directly into your XAML.

So, if you want to be a Kaxaml Pro, just check out the videos below (probably best viewed full screen).

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