Using my new account with Jing Pro, I recorded some new videos about Kaxami. I wanted to record these videos for over a year; however, this year has been so busy that I couldn’t find time to do it, though I so much wanted to.

Many people are not aware of many features that exist in Kaxami unless someone tells them. I have told three people about these features till now. Considering that each one of them told it to three more people, we are still at 9 only, The information, thus, is not spreading as fast as it should.

One of the features that I want everyone using Kaxami to know is the IntelliSense-like dropdown menu for the snippets. The next is the “synchronize” feature present in the ColorPicker. And Paste image feature is the third feature I am talking about. This feature allows you to paste images directly into XAML.

So, in case you are looking to become a Kaxami Pro, you must check out these videos (link given below)

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