As a markup language, HTML5 presents content on the web being released in 2008. Making use of it, the Agent 008 Ball game was developed. It’s a spy-themed HTML5 pool game. It’s essentially about you being an agent with your missing being to sink all the balls in a certain time.

So you can essentially say it’s like a snooker game. What makes the game fun and exciting is that one of the balls is a time bomb that was put there by a terrorist organization. You’ll lose a whole lot of time if it does explode. If however, you sink it prior to it exploding, you get extra time for your mission to be completed.

Games are available on many devices

Heaps of people check out games on their mobile devices. Developers of these games have moved from the likes of Adobe Flash Player and have taken to making use of HTML5 so that their games can be accessible with many different devices. Developers like HTML5 because it comes with some useful features of which audio APIs and 2- and 3D graphics are just some.

You can say that a big advantage of HTML5 is its cross-platform compatibility. It allows developers to create games that can cope with different screen sizes and screen resolutions.

Users are able to play these  HTML5 games without any effort on a host of different devices such as laptops, and all manner of smart devices. Developers are able to code games once and regardless of the user’s operating system, the games can be deployed.

Lovers of these games simply want games that are readily available to them whatever they’re using, whether it’s their computer, laptop, or phone. You can say that that is what makes HTML5’ so sought after. It ensures this cross-browser support for games.

So that means there are no people;e being excluded. It is accessible from browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox as well as others. There are techniques that allow HTML5 games to be played offline.

These HTML5 games are easy to promote and games can appear on websites visited by all gamers. There are actually sites that are dedicated to these HTML5 games.

The main game development technologies used in HTML5 are WebGL and Canvas, allowing for the creation of sophisticated games. You can safely say that with their advantages, there are limitless development possibilities with HTML5.

So the next question then is what about 008 Ball? It is still around and evolving all the time. Because of its popularity, a newer version has been released and the developers of the game decided to clean up the code.

There is no doubt that HTML5 seems to offer a lot of advantages for game developers who create their games in HTML5 and then release them on any supported device.

Developers have shared their perspective on HTML5, wanting to reveal its strengths but also its weaknesses. One of its strengths is that it works across all these different devices. Major web game publishers say that they see a lot of value in being able to rig up browser-based games for any device. This is becoming particularly important because gamers are playing more often on a host of different devices.

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