Here is a list of my favorite books. Of course, there are many other great books too. However, these are the ones that are indispensable to me.

Debbie Millman’s How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer –   Available on Amazon

In case you are interested to learn the ethos of designers and get more understanding about the design culture, this book by Debbie Millman is a must-read.

Alexander White’s The Elements of Graphic Design by – Available on Amazon

Of all the books, this book talks about design composition in the most organized way.

Robert Bringhurst’s  The Elements of Typographic Style  –   Amazon Even though I don’t find it as good as the other two, but, it still gives a very structured approach to the ins and outs of typography. It stands out since typography is something that is usually left to intuition with not many talking about it.

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