I love building apps, and sometimes I like the idea of building an app from scratch. Other times I like to come up with a new app that is based on an app that exists already.  There is always a new app coming out that targets a certain audience and which has some unique features.

I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done smartly and quickly. I’ve learned to be like this from reading David Allen’s book ‘Getting Things Done’. If you learn to not procrastinate and to do things as soon as you can so that they’re done and dusted, you’re more stress-free. That way you can plan your time and your weekends.

So I’ve been trouncing around trying to find software about how to do things the GTD way. For any of you wondering what that is, it’s Getting Things Done. It’s a task management system for anyone feeling overwhelmed by all they need to do, helping them to know how to prioritize.

A task management tool can be used by an individual or a business to complete projects efficiently. These task management tools can be simple or they can give a lot of information but the idea with them is to help people prioritize and organize tasks.

A GTD app for Windows

So I’ve found the right software for Mac and iPhone, but nothing that particularly stands out for Windows. So, that’s exactly what my mission is this weekend – to create a cool GTD app that runs on Windows.

Who knows, if you’ve just purchased a new PC you know what it’s like, you want to install apps and get yourself set up. There are lots of amazing Windows programs, so you need to know which ones are the must-have ones.

The app I want to build is going to be called ThoughtBox – a place where you can get your thoughts organized. You no doubt find your mind racing around in disarray so that you can’t get down to organizing your thoughts and getting things done.

You may, like me, not know how to focus on the present. This is the idea behind Thoughtbox – to help you become more mindful.

It’s a pretty regular type of GTD app, and a perfect fit for WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation – a UI framework for the building of Windows desktop applications.

Over the weekend I’m going to also be trying to get it to sync with Remember The Milk. As it is, there are many people doing GTD with Remember The Milk so it looks to be a good fit.

I’ve decided that as I build this app, I’m going to be blogging about the entire process. Whatever transpires over the weekend, you’ll be hearing all about it, so that means you can expect some serious bloggage from the weekend and quite possibly over the next few weekends as well.

I also intend to post updates as I go through the design process and then I’ll let you know if I come across anything interesting and worth sharing. So you can wish me luck.

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