Here’s the deal.  I’m a recent discoverer/convert/believer of Getting Things Done (the personal productivity book by David Allen).  As I’ve been trouncing around in an effort to track down some software to do things the GTD way, I’ve found great software for the Mac and for the iPhone, but so far nothing that really stands out for Windows.  So, my mission: create a sweet GTD app that runs on Windows.

The app will be called ThoughtBox (it’s a place to gather and organize your thoughts).  It’s a pretty standard GTD app, basically a glorified to-do list.  It’s a perfect fit for WPF because it’s a lot of lists…very data centric.  If I can find time, I’m also going to try to get it to sync with Remember The Milk so that there’s an online and an iPhone story.  Turns out that a lot of people are already doing GTD with Remember The Milk so I think it’s a good fit.

Here’s the twist though.  I thought it would be fun to blog about the process.  This means that you can expect some serious bloggage from over the weekend…and possibly the next couple of weekends…as I go through this.  I’ll post updates as I go through a design process and then share any interesting tricks I come across while dev’ing.

So there you have it.  Wish me luck.

By the way, in case your interested the logo for ThoughtBox uses this image from iStockPhoto and the typeface is Pill Gothic.

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