Does Smart Switch Transfer Passwords? This an important question to ask, as you want hassle-free data transmission to your new phone. Setting up your new phone from scratch is a critical task to do. But, here is your savior, the Smart Switch, which can transfer all your desired files and data to your new phone from the old one.

A smart Switch is a tool that transfers all types of data, including applications, images, contacts, messages, calendars, videos, call logs, audio files, and even the setting. But you may concern about the password transmission.

After reading this article, you’ll get the answer to your question, “Does Smart Switch Transfer Passwords?”. You’ll also be confident enough to answer any question about smart switch tools after reading this. So, let’s get started.

How Do Smart Switches Work?

Smart Switch

Smart switches work in two ways, which are- wired and wireless data transfer systems.

  • Wireless Data Transfer: In wireless data transfer between two devices, the devices must be connected to the same Wi-fi network. Throughout the data transfer process, both of your devices must have the smart switch application installed.
  • Wired Data Transfer: In wired data transferring system, you need to connect two of your devices through a USB cable. But, it’s a less popular or less practiced method of transferring data through smart switches.

Does A Smart Switch Transfer Passwords?

Does smart switch transfer passwords? The plain answer to the question is no. Though the smart switch transfers all types of data and documents, including the apps, it can’t transfer the passwords of these apps.

Explanation Of Password Transmission Process

Samsung’s Smart Switch or other similar switching tools transfers the existing .apk file to the receiving device. But, these tools can’t transfer the passwords directly as the passwords are encrypted and securely stored on a device. Transferring the passwords may pose a security risk.

But, some switching tools may allow you to transfer the Wi-fi and lock-screen passwords. Otherwise, the Smart Switch tool transfers the apps’ passwords as ‘cache’.

Factors That Affect Password Transmission

smart switch

As mentioned above, Smart Switch is a tool to transfer all kinds of desired data from an old phone to a new phone. Samsung specifically develops this Smart Switch to transfer data only to Samsung Galaxy devices. But, there are similar switching tools available for transferring data between non-Samsung devices.

However, the answer to your question, “Does smart switch transfer passwords?” depends on four major factors. The factors are like the following.

1. Feature And Configuration Of The Device And Smart Switch Tool

Configuration, security measures, and encryption of the old device may affect password transmission. The available features of the Smart switch tool also affect the transmission. For instance, some smart switch tools let you transfer Wi-fi, google auto-fills, and lock-screen passwords, and some might not.

2. Availability Of Third-Party Password Manager

The passwords will be transferred if you use a third-party password manager like LastPass and install the same password manager on your new phone.

3. Restore And Backup

Some devices let you back up all your data, including the passwords. If all your passwords have backups on your old phone, these can be transferred. But, you have to follow specific restoring processes to activate these passwords.

4. Availability Of Samsung Pass

If you’re a user of a Samsung device supporting Android 8 or more, most possibly have the feature Samsung Pass. By activating Data Sync, you can transfer the passwords to your new Samsung device through Samsung Pass.

Comparison Of Wired And Wireless Password Transmission

As explained before, “Wireless” and “Wired” are the two data transferring methods with Smart Switch. Let’s see a comparison between these two data and password transmission methods in terms of security and speed.

  • Security: The wired method is more secure than the wireless method. As USB cables are used during wired transactions, data leaks and interceptions are not possible. On the other hand, data or passwords become vulnerable during wireless transmissions as there are chances of leaking and interception.
  • Speed: The speed of data and password transmission in the wireless method depends on the Wi-fi coverage and signal connection. So, the speed here can fluctuate and also be degraded. But, the wired method is more reliable and quick as there is no dependence on network speed and signal connection.

Security Concerns In Transferring Passwords With Smart Switch

smart switch

As you went through the previous section, you already know the answer to the question, “Does Smart Switch transfer passwords?”. The general answer is, no. Now, you might wonder why? It’s because of security concerns. Let’s learn what security concerns involve in transferring passwords with smart switches.

Data Interception And Leakage

In wireless data or password transfer, the transferring data or password can be intercepted or leaked easily. As this transmission involves a Wi-fi connection, anyone present in the particular Wi-fi network may intercept the passwords.

On the other hand, hackers can crack the Wi-fi network and eventually your data. Moreover,  using the public domain also poses security risks during password transmission through Smart Switch.

Lack Of Proper Encryption

If the Smart Switch doesn’t encrypt your data or password properly, any malicious third-party can access your data. This is more possible in wireless data transmission systems.

Malware And Virus Attack

If your old device contains any malware or virus, this may transfer your data and passwords to a third party. Likewise, as your new device is not well-protected yet, a malicious third party can steal your data and passwords during the transmission process.

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Transferring Passwords Without Smart Switch

It can be a hassle to log into each application again on your new phone, as you can’t transfer most of your applications’ passwords with Smart Switch. In this scenario, you can follow the solutions below.

Use A Third-Party Password Manager

Password managers like LastPass or Dashlane save all your passwords in their cloud and let you transfer passwords to your new phone. You just need to install the same password manager on your new phone and log into it. Whenever the password manager recognizes the applications from your old phone, it’ll autofill the password.

Use Samsung Pass

Samsung devices with the Android 8 operating system or more offer you an advanced biometric authentication service. With this, you can transfer your password by turning on the Data Sync option.

Enter Passwords Manually

In some cases, you can just put the passwords manually. If you want to keep your data secure and the number of your apps is minimal, you can go for this option. In this method, you just write down your passwords and log in manually by putting the passwords in each app.

Frequently Asked Questions

smart switch

In this section, we are going to answer the questions that are often asked about Smart Switch. So, keep reading.

What Cannot Be Transferred Using Smart Switch?

The items you can’t transfer using the smart switch are

  • Data in a secure folder
  • Contacts saved on the SIM card, Google, and social media accounts
  • Encrypted messages on Whatsapp or Telegram
  • Data of applications on private storage
  • Browsing history, bookmarks, safari data, etc.
  • Any files that are not DRM-free
  • Email and data from premium accounts

What Gets Transferred With Smart Switch?

The Smart Switch transfers a wide variety of data and files, including applications, images, contacts, messages, events on calendars, videos, audio files, and even call logs.

Does Smart Switch Transfer Wi-Fi Passwords?

Yes, the smart switch transfers the Wi-Fi password. You can select the Wi-fi option when choosing the desired files and data to transfer.

Does Samsung Smart Switch Transfer My Passwords?

The tool Smart Switch allows you to transfer all the data to your new Samsung phone from any phone. And the general answer to your question, “Does smart switch transfer passwords?” is no.


Smart Switch is a smart solution to transfer necessary data to your new phone. Though it transfers almost all kinds of data, it can’t transfer passwords for security concerns. But, you can use several effective ways to transfer passwords. However, hopefully, this article helped you to get the answer to your question, “Does smart switch transfer passwords?” and other related questions.

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