It’s important to note that there are varied licenses that you will need to verify that they are free for distribution before you include them in your app. With my earlier blogs, I wasn’t altogether clear on that and I apologize if anyone has been misleading.

For any of your projects, there are a number of fonts that are free. For those of you who sent me an email and comments reminding me to clear up confusion, I say thank you. And now, back to the post.

In spite of my perspective the other day on text rendering, I’m an advocate for using type as creatively as you can in whatever project you’re busy with. Silverlight and WPF make things easier by giving you the ability to embed fonts with the code.

But having said that, you need a license to redistribute the font. With professional fonts, that can be difficult. With Silverlight and WPF, your best bet is free fonts. With the licenses, you have a better chance of redistribution.

When you work on any project you have the freedom to implement different concepts. If you look at fonts, you will come across ascender, and descender for that matter. Any stroke of an alphabet that goes beyond the size of the baseline is known as an ascender.

Find a good font for your particular project

The web has evolved tremendously but the bottom line is that sites have to be readable. Web designers discovered that online content was scanned more than reading. Early common fonts were the likes of Times New Roman and Courier. These web designers learned that not just any font is appropriate and that clients want content and print to match the culture of their business.

Today’s web designs are limitless.  You can say that the best web choices align with website business goals.

Free Typefaces for your Project and Purpose

If you’re a designer, you’ll know that typography is important to any creative projects you have. By choosing one kind of typeface over another, you can get your message across. So in other words, these fonts are looked upon as an art form in terms of shape, size, and color.

There are many free fonts available as well as steps you can follow to add them to your design. It is always a good move to have a big selection of free fonts for all your projects and purposes.

Apart from Ascender fonts which shipped in the WPF SDK, Smashing magazine proves to be an excellent source of unique, beautiful typefaces, and the best part, is that they are free. The great thing is that they are freebies from foundries who would normally be selling them. The result is top-quality type.

Here are some font ideas I’ve collected –

15 High-Quality Beautiful Free Fonts

Free Brilliant High-Quality Fonts

Free Fonts You Shouldn’t Have Missed

Free Font of the Week

Let me know of any favorite places you go to to get cool free fonts.

The licenses limit you to rights for production.

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