Long-haul flights are quite boring. I utilize my time on-board in writing code, which I otherwise don’t get time for in my busy day-to-day schedule. Two examples of plane samples include ShinyOrangy styles and TimelinePanel.

My work has seen me flying much more frequently lately and I committed my flying time is the culmination of my project – HandDrawnShapes

What is HandDrawnShapes, you may ask? Well, it has 3 elements – HandDrawnEllipse, HandDrawnRectangle, and HandDrawnBorder. When you draw different shapes using this tool, the app uses a bit of flawed geometry and gives an impression that the shapes have been hand-drawn. You can use the rectangle, border, or ellipse drawn using the tool just like the regular rectangle, ellipse, or border. However, if you are looking to draw something more specific, or if you want to draw custom characters, you will need to integrate your sketch in HandDrawnShapes. Luckily, there are many interesting characters to draw, you just need to be persistent and to find useful guides that will help you master this skill. There’s no denying that comic book heroes have an impressive following all over the world. Whether you’re in love with their sharp costumes, their larger-than-life powers, or their morality, there’s something about superheroes that makes them fascinating and relatable to everyone. Creating you super hero master piece sketch will definitely amaze your friends and loved ones!

If you are interested in downloading the source, running on Beta2 bits, you can do so here. For now, these are not supported for the June CTP. However, if you have the source, compiling it to JuneCTP shouldn’t be an issue.


For over a year, I wanted to get it done. When I was in FITC, 2005, I saw many designers experimenting with this type of look and I really found it interesting, However, I kind of forgot about it after the conference. It was not until a  few months ago when I was reminded of the idea by Fil Fortes. Thanks, Fil and I am sure you are having a gala time at the World Cup.

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