There are many different types of laptops in the market. How long do laptops last and how long will your particular laptop be relevant to you, and you can say that an important factor determining your laptop’s average lifespan is the kind of hardware it has, and the more storage it has, the longer it remains relevant and the longer it lasts.

A laptop can be so convenient for you. You can haul it along with you wherever you want to. It is a personal computer and the modern laptops of today lack nothing. But how long do laptops last if they are designed to have all the functionality of a desktop computer?

However, a desktop works smoother than a laptop simply because everything is bigger and more powerful. So how long do desktops last? Do people compare a laptop vs desktop and wonder which will last longer?

How Long Will A Laptop Last – Average Life Of A Laptop

A desktop can last for a long time. If you look after it, it can last 10, 11, 12 years. Then again, the average life of a laptop is roughly 5 years. The only thing is that one or two components might fail such as the fan. You will hear it getting noisy as it wears.

Laptop Vs Desktop

Laptop Vs Desktop

Generally, when a desktop gives problems, how long do desktops last can be changed from 10 – 12 years because you can fix or replace problematic components, and then they are good to go again. But in terms of laptop vs desktop and which one to get, it requires just a bit of research. Talking about how long do desktops last, desktops last longer than laptops but laptops have this wonderful mobility about them.

While desktops have got their own unique benefits, it is the portability of the laptop that makes it so desirable. But does that make them more expensive than desktops and for what you pay for them how long do laptops last?

People who know a thing or two about laptops will tell you that there are some laptops that have been built sturdier than others and will last longer. So when you ask how long do laptops last, one answer can be, it depends on the kind of laptop you buy.

How long do laptops last? Are there some more robust models than others? There are different types of laptops with the word notebook and laptop being used a lot to describe the same thing. Also, there are devices that have been designed as tablets but which work as laptops.

People are amazed as there are some cheap laptops that last for a long time and are essentially just for basic tasks. How long do laptops last like this cheaper type? Yes, as low-cost laptops they are not particularly high powered but they help people to get the things done that they want. You would be surprised – some of these cheaper laptops can last for years.

Laptop experts also say that when you ask the question of how long do laptops last, the operating system comes into the equation too. They will bicker for hours over whether they believe Linux is better, Chrome, Mac, or Windows. Each system comes with its own pros and cons so it will be important to do research because your choice will affect the longevity of your laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad T480

One of the types of laptops known to have longevity on its side is the Lenovo ThinkPad T480. People who know these laptops say that this particular one is quite indestructible. Many schools buy these laptops for their students as they know that they are going to have to ensure some pretty rough treatment.

In fact, the ThinkPad has a body that was designed to not only withstand extreme temperatures. It has also been tested against vibration and shock. Some people even describe this laptop as a workhorse.

Apple MacBook Pro 13

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 too, is tough and has been built to last. MacBooks do tend to last longer than PCs and you could say it is because Apple has made it so that MacBooks run more smoothly. When you ask how long do laptops last, with the Apple Macbook the time it lasts will depend on the purpose of your laptop and the external components that affect its lifespan.

How Long Do Laptops Last?

How Long Do Laptops Last

People who know laptops also say that there are also things you can do to ensure your computer lasts longer. Your laptop and also your desktop will need some attention and maintenance if you want it to work smoothly each time you put it on.

  • Keep It In Working Order

You want to keep your laptop’s operating systems and also its virus protection up to date. It should not be an inconvenience for you but rather an effort to keep your laptop safe and working.

  • Make Sure It Keeps Its Cool

Just like you need to keep a cool head, you want your laptop to keep its cool. Every computer expert knows the importance of keeping electronic equipment cool. Do not leave your laptop lying in the sun or have stuff crowded around it so that you block its vents. Overheating will certainly reduce the lifespan of your laptop.

  • Keep Your Laptop Clean Inside And Out

Have you seen hair, crumbs, dust, and coffee spills that can get in between your laptop’s keys? There are some special computer cleaning tools that can help you keep your laptop clean and prevent it from clogging up with dirt and preventing the fan from doing its job of keeping your computer cool.

If you are a laptop expert you will know about defragmenting it every now and then making use of a disk optimization tool. Windows 10 defragments every week but if you believe that your computer is sluggish, you can defragment it yourself. it is a good idea to uninstall apps you are not using and also delete any unwanted folders and files.

  • General Tips For Longevity

If you are in a rush to get somewhere, it can be tempting to just slam your laptops’ lid down, in spite of being in the middle of something, and to get going. You may not even bother to put it in a special laptop bag to ensure it is safe moving around. If you can spare a bit of time, it is always a good idea to put your computer to shut your laptop down before preparing to transport it.

  • Use A Surge Protector

How long do laptops last? They would not last long if you are constantly turning them on and off, If you are using your laptop constantly throughout the day, leave it on as opposed to turning it on and off. Also, lightning strikes can result in a power surge that can destroy connected devices.

These surge protectors protect your laptop from power surges. Rather than plugging your computer directly into a wall outlet, you can plug it into a surge protector. You can also opt to unplug your computer during a storm. Instead of a surge protector, you can also try an uninterruptible power supply or UPS with built-in surge protection. It provides supplemental power during grid outages and also keeps your laptop running. Also, another thing that can add longevity to your laptop when you ask the question how long do laptops last, is to fix problems that your laptop experience. Get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Becoming Difficult To Upgrade A Laptop

Becoming Difficult To Upgrade A Laptop

Also, laptops do have a bit of a drawback in that they are difficult to upgrade for the average person. In fact, it can be impossible because the slim build of the laptop does not leave much room for adding in extra components.

So if you do want to upgrade your laptop and ensure its longevity in terms of being useful to you, you may have to hand it to a professional. This is also because there are quite a few parts that are built-in permanently and they are not designed to be replaced. The easiest way to upgrade the capabilities of a laptop is to add devices to it externally. This could include things such as Bluetooth.

How long do laptops last? People in the know say that your laptop’s lifespan is about 3 – 5 years. But that is not to say your laptop would not run efficiently for longer than 5 years. Laptops have a shorter lifespan than desktops. These same experts will tell you that your laptop can even last for as long as 10 years if you take good care of it.

Most times it is the battery that will pack up first. Luckily the battery is something that can easily be replaced. If you do not have the money for a new battery or you do not know how to go about replacing and installing it, you can still continue to use your laptop by just plugging it in.

Different factors determine how long do laptops last. The laptop’s hardware can start giving in. Technology is changing quickly with new parts being introduced and then your laptop almost becomes unusable for some tasks. The tasks that your computer performs every day can also play a role in how long it lasts.

There are some heavy tasks a laptop has to perform and you can imagine that a professional gamer will be pounding away at their laptop keyboard far more than a person who just used their laptop to send and receive emails every day.

Other heavy tasks such as how graphic designers use their laptops can also take a toll on a laptop. The kind of hardware, how you use your computer and other factors will all give you an idea of how long do laptops last.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last

Nothing is set in stone as to how long do laptops last. One thing is sure though and that is that a gaming laptop is a considerable investment so it needs to last for some time. The battery also has a lifespan and that is why every gamer has to develop good battery charging habits so that they can get the most out of their laptop.

Gamers will want to know how long do gaming laptops last? As mentioned, it depends on a number of different factors. Hardware and the tasks you perform will determine how long you can use your laptop. The more demanding tasks you need for your laptop, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Gamers will tell you that a gaming PC is a robust thing but even so after a gamer has been pounding on it for a few years, it does become sluggish. How long do gaming laptops last? You could say that one of the biggest drawbacks of a gaming laptop is the heat it generates.

The best gaming laptops are those with advanced cooling options so always check this out when looking for a good gaming laptop. Gamers will have some parts that malfunction and they also have to look at the longevity of a gaming laptop as the newer gamers demand even better hardware.

Maybe Just Buy A Cheap Laptop

Maybe Just Buy A Cheap Laptop

People think that when asking the question what is the average life of a laptop how long do laptops last, that they can buy a future-proof laptop. The thing is that is not possible. You would think that with a gamer, after about 3 years of owning a gaming laptop that it would be a good idea to upgrade the hardware components.

Laptop manufacturers want people to be spending money and they make these super-slim laptops where the memory and processor, for instance, are soldered and can’t be upgraded, so you are forced to buy another laptop.

Maybe the answer is to buy one of the cheaper models and when it has served its time and is no longer working for you to buy another cheap, but more upgraded model?

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