Fresh graduate? Looking for a Job. Well, finding suitable computer technician jobs near me can be difficult and tiring at times because you have to go through a number of steps before getting an actual job. Whether it is related to computer science or any other subject, the practical part of any field is different from your school life. When you are hired for a position, you are expected to have problem-solving and other skills matching the job description. The employer will never spoon-feed you, so you need to develop these soft skills while you are in your college and school.

Looking at your search for a computer technician job, you first need to understand that it is a whole process, so you can not miss out on any step. Lucky for you if you are a computer student because technology is advancing every single hour, and almost every industry needs computer specialists to keep their business flourishing. People cannot be successful in this era without computers, so a person knowing computers will always be in demand.

Although the jobs are there, the competition is also there so in order to stand out in a crowd of other computer technicians you have to learn the best skills. In general, as a computer technician, you are expected to set up hardware, install software, provide answers to technical questions, regularly update software, troubleshoot, and carry out repairs on computer systems as per need.

This article gathers all the necessary information required to answer your query about computer technician jobs near me. So, to get the answer to computer technician jobs, keep scrolling!

How To Become A Computer Technician?

How to Become a Computer Technician

You might know that not every computer technician job requires you to have formal education or a degree. Suppose you want an edge over other candidates. In that case, having a degree from a reputed computer technician school is good because it increases your computer knowledge and helps build you a good resume. Some IT companies might ask for an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, depending upon the job requirement.

Suppose you are looking for the answer to computer technician jobs near me. In that case, you might also know that one way to validate your skills in front of the employer is to show them at least a foundational certificate such as in CompTIA A+ credential.

The other important skill that can help you become an expert computer technician is to build your own computer. You will eventually understand how everything in a computer works and what are the ways to fix the problems? So, before jumping to find computer technician jobs near me, it would be great if you try learning the technical and non-technical skills required for the job.

Computer Technician Job Description

When you start looking for computer technician jobs near me, you will also come to know that the big tech companies give out a description for lab technician jobs. The purpose of this job description is that it shows the qualifications required by the potential employer.

Along with searching for computer technician jobs near me, you should also look over the skills required so that you and the employer are on the same page at the end of the day.

Being a computer or IT support technician, you will be expected to handle a number of responsibilities such as installing and maintaining computer networks. Generally, you will be asked to set up hardware and install the software.

It would be great if you thoroughly know all the inside and out of the computers because you might have to fix the problems of technological equipment in lab tech jobs, for example, routers, etc. Being in the computer field, you should be well-versed with the LAN/WAN and many other networks. It is important to know how the computer network and its components work because you will be the one to manage and repair any issue if there is any.

The job brief also includes skills such as managing the security and privacy of the company. You will be expected to protect the confidentiality of the network from any external attacks from hackers. Besides these, problem-solving is considered one of the essential skills needed by the big tech names. They would want you to troubleshoot system failures and bugs. Along with detecting the problems, you should also provide possible solutions to restore the systems’ functionality.

High-paying computer technician jobs often require an experienced individual. So, if you have already worked in the IT field, you can get an edge over the other applicants. When you search for computer technician jobs near me, and a job description comes out, it is highly advised to match your qualifications with it before applying for the vacancy.

Computer Technician Training

Computer Technician Training

Before looking out for technician jobs near me, you might also wonder what kind of training should be done to become an ideal candidate for a tech company. As already discussed above in the article, it is vital to develop skills related to hardware, software, troubleshooting, networks, and security management, but having a certification can really help you achieve your dream job.

As per the data collected by the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), which is connected to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is unnecessary to have a postsecondary degree for computer user specialist jobs, but the candidate should have required computer knowledge and skills. It depends on the employers too because some of them prefer to hire the applicant with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

If you are looking onward to getting an associate’s degree, then apply for admission in state-operated community colleges which offer associate’s degree programs. You can also apply to private career colleges providing the required degree program in computer support or networking. Similarly, you also get admission to colleges and universities all over the United States for a Bachelor’s degree program. Some of the well-known institutes offering Bachelor’s degree programs for computer science students include the University of Florida, the New Jersey Institute of technology, ITT technical institute, etc.

Certification is also an important part before searching for Computer technician jobs near me. Employers usually inquire about specific certifications related to computers to ensure that the perfect candidate has all the necessary skills. It is their way of ensuring that your credentials are up to the mark of the standards of the tech world. Some of the entry level certifications for a computer technician can be A+ certification and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. You can get the certification after clearing an exam, the preparation of which you can do by self-study or by enrolling yourself in the Certification boot camp class.

You know now that one should do the search for tech jobs near me after getting the needed skills, certifications, and degrees.

Entry Level Computer Science Jobs

If you are a fresh graduate, before going on a search for computer technician jobs near me, you would want to explore the entry level jobs for computer science students. The best part about having a computer science degree is that it opens multiple doors for graduates to pursue in their life. You get many options to choose from since these are entry level jobs, so you are not required to have any prior experience.

You can easily get an entry level job in the computer science field if you have learned the soft skills required by the IT companies. There are several training programs offered nowadays to learn these skills, so you just need to enroll in them and start learning.

One of the best entry level jobs for an inexperienced computer science student is a software developer. He/she must be having strong programming skills because they will be expected to develop and design software. The other high-paying job is web development, in which you will have to maintain the companies’ websites. You may also have to create and design the websites according to the client’s needs.

If you think you have good problem-solving skills, you should definitely apply for a computer systems engineer job. The IT companies will ask you to solve the complex computer system issues. You can also apply for an Information security analyst job in which the employee maintains, observes, and upgrades the security system. You will have to protect the confidential information of the company by assessing the processing systems. You might have to train the users by informing them about the company’s security policies.

Another job for a new computer science graduate is an IT support specialist. He/she performs the same work as any computer technician. The specialist will have to update and install software and hardware. They might also have to fix the computer network equipment. You can also apply for other job options as well; it depends upon your skill and passion.

Computer Technician Jobs Near Me

Computer Technician Jobs Near Me

After going through all the necessary details prior to searching for computer technician jobs near me, you want to know how to find a suitable job position for you. Computer support specialist jobs are always in demand because technology is advancing every day. So, you do not have to worry about the computer technician jobs because eventually, you will find one near you.

Just google on your phone, laptop, or pc about the computer technician jobs near me, and you will see many results on the opening page. Open up the pages of the IT companies one by one and read the job descriptions. See if your skills match the requirements mentioned in the job brief of different potential employers. After finding a perfect job for yourself, read out the instructions mentioned for applying. You can also check out the salaries offered and the working hours by searching for computer technician jobs near me and the wages offered.

Computer Technician Salary

While searching for computer technician jobs near me, you might also want to know how much computer technicians earn per hour, monthly and annually. We have gathered here some of the stats that can help you assess the average salary.

A person serving as a Computer Technician in the United States generally earns nearly 71,100 USD per year. Salaries vary from 37,000 USD (lowest) to 109,000 USD (highest). This is the expected annual salary, including accommodation, transport, and other services. IT technician salaries usually fluctuate drastically based on skills, experience, location, or gender. The average Computer Science Jobs Salary in the United States stands at $15.86 per hour.

The experience level is a considerably significant aspect in specifying the salary. Generally, the more you have the experience, the more you will get paid. Computer Technician salaries are broken down by experience level. A Computer repair technician salary with less than two years of knowledge earns almost 42,000 USD annually. At the same time, someone with an experience level between two to five years is predicted to pay nearly 56,300 USD per year, 34% more than an individual with an experience of fewer than two years. Moving ahead, an experience level between six to ten years reaches a salary of 73,200 USD per year, 30% better than a person with two to five years of working experience.

Moreover, Computer technicians whose expertise stretches somewhere between ten to fifteen years get a wage equal to 88,600 USD per year, 21% more than a person with experience ranging between five to ten years. If the skill level is somewhere between fifteen to twenty years, then the expected salary is 96,900 USD per year, 9% extra than an individual with ten to fifteen years of experience. To sum up, employees with more than twenty years of professional expertise receive an income of 102,000 USD per year, 5% more than the people with fifteen to twenty years of experience.

Computer Technician’s pay in the United States is feasible to increase by about 10% every 17 years.


Currently, it is not difficult to find a suitable job if you are a skilled computer technician. Just searching on google for computer technician jobs near me would be enough to land you your dream job. Best of Luck!

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