Purchasing a book purely on the basis of the title feels like a pretty impulsive thing to do, but here I am, hundreds of pages later. Let’s jump right into it, what do we think about a book review? My middle school teacher would be proud to see me make the effort to actually read a book. Cutting right to the point, if you want to explore the world of an artist’s creation and the intricacies behind it, here’s exactly where you’ll find it.

The title of the book is one that would provoke you to buy it, could they be serious? Is it that easy to get into the mind of artists? The book is titled “How to think like a Great Graphic Designer”.  I’m not one for books but this simply felt like a challenge and I was ready to take it up head-on. Before we dive into details let’s answer that question we all have on our minds, does this book lead you to feel more inspired and creative? Do you now have what it takes to be a great graphic designer? No. But wait! There’s more to the story, sure you won’t have what it takes to penetrate the minds of great artists and you won’t find yourself at the top of the creative pyramid, however, it does present a new and fresh perspective into the world of art. It focuses on shedding light on creators that are so brilliant and their work – inspirational. The hidden gems and secret champions of the field, once you read about them you’ll only want to research them some more.

How To Think Like a Great Graphic Designer is filled with a couple of conversations with legendary artists.  Each discussion brings to the table various concepts, a different outlook on issues and topics that wouldn’t generally come across. If you’re wondering about the insight you could get from almost 300 pages, I’ve got you covered.

Art Lives Within History

In today’s time, good graphic design is defined as one that can connect with the audience, art that uses an interface to create a link between the artists and its viewers. However, it is important to keep in mind that true art isn’t about forcing a connection or designing a piece with the objective of creating a bridge, the brilliance of the vintage graphic design is the communication an art piece can make, it’s intoxicating ability to draw anyone in. Listening to senior artists and paying attention to their muse while simultaneously learning from their knowledge and maturity is something of a gold mine.

Design And Creation

To me, designing for a client in contrast to designing for myself will always be two different worlds that come crashing together to build the best my imagination can produce.  Designers find art to bring their work to life whereas artists paint a new canvas using an empty palette.

There’s always going to be room for more in the universe of graphic design, more ideas, more thoughts, more clarity and most importantly more perspectives.  Every word on the page of a book based on graphic design is always open to interpretation and that is the beauty of it.

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