With MIX quickly approaching, it’s time for the (soon-to-become) annual tradition of producing some Kaxaml swag. Last year I made buttons(the kind you might pin to your backpack). This year, I’m faced with a choice about what to make. Well, since the swag is ultimately for you, the Kaxaml enthusiast, I’m looking for some feedback. What kind of swag would you actually want / keep / not throw away?

Kaxaml brings in exactly $0 in revenue every year (or week for that matter), so I have a pretty limited budget. The choices are below. I probably need to decide pretty soon so that I have time to get stuff made which means your chance to sway me is short lived. So vote soon.

(Note: voting has ended)


For me, this is the most practical because it goes anywhere (car, computer, sofa). And to be clear, we’re talking about a high quality stick here: clear vinyl with a die cut (yup, it’s in budget, barely). There’s a risk though. They’re saying they need 2-4 weeks turnaround on these. In spite of this risk, I’m leaning toward stickers right now.


The buttons would be a new design. I’m sort of a button kind of guy for some reason. Buttons were all the rage at SXSW last year and that only fueled my interest. From a purely creative perspective, this one is probably the most fun. On the other hand, once you have one Kaxaml button do you really need another?


I will make these eventually because they are too cool not to make. I also thought about making these with a Nerd + Art or Pixel Lab log. My wife doesn’t think people will take me seriously, though. Oh, I’m serious.


If you really want Kaxaml swag, you can definitely get it. There are three different paths to Kaxaml swagness. All swag is, of course, first come first serve and here are the options in the order in which it will be served:

  1. First, you can come to either of my workshops. I get that not everyone can convince their boss to pay for workshops this year. If it helps persuade, you can take one for your boss too.
  2. You can find me at MIX and say “I want some Kaxaml swag.” I’ll be flattered and I’ll be very generous.
  3. If you won’t be at MIX, you can leave a comment to this post that includes a Haiku (syllables will be counted) expressing your feelings for Kaxaml. Also leave me some way to get in touch about where to send it. Particularly moving entries get double swag.
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