This workshop was given by me first at MIX09 and then at MIX10 again. For those who are interested, it is available to be watched on the MIX site. Alternatively, it is also a part of Microsoft’s Design Toolbox. This toolbox just doesn’t have this workshop but also other brilliant content which can be super helpful for new designers.

Here is a short description of the workshop I gave at MIX 2010: We see design everywhere and all around us. If you are looking to jumpstart your career in design or just looking forward to sharpening your skills, this workshop is going to help you big-time with your design-related education. Whether you are a designer or non-designer, we would be talking about the basics of design which include layout, typography, color, and unity. We will also take you through the process of design and fundamentals like mood boards, wireframes, and how to find inspiration. This is a perfect workshop for those technical guys who have some inclination towards designing but didn’t get any formal exposure to it.

You can watch it online here or get the slides.

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