I was happy to find out that finally, my MIX09 workshop is officially online. I would be honest, it surely is a bit long. It’s three hours long. The workshop is all about what I wished I had known when I started my career in design. You won’t regret spending your three hours on this workshop; however, since this is a bit long, you may prefer to do it one hour at a time or you can finish your cleaning or cooking while listening to it.

BTW, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jamie and other Microsoft guys who helped me get this workshop recording online. To begin with, there was no chance of it getting posted online since it is a workshop. As you all know, it is not very usual for pre-cons and workshops to get recorded, let alone posted. I would really like to thank Microsoft guys, who went out of their way to not only record it (even though it got recorded by accident) but also post it. Perhaps, the realization that this was a tough time to budget for addons like the workshops at different conferences and keeping in mind that people would still prefer to attend the workshops, did they decide to make this workshop available online.

I would like to close by thanking those people and attendees too who requested the workshop to be available for online viewing. Perhaps their suggestion also helped Microsoft to make the decision to post it online. So, A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE!

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