Trying to repair your phone can be fairly risky if you take it to a repair shop that isn’t reputable, or if you decide to do it yourself. In general, mobile phone repairing is best done at the service centers of your given phone. But searching for a phone repair store near me or phone repairs near me on Google and going for the highest reviewed ones are typically safe compared to local repair shops. If you have a Motorola, since they are a great bang for the buck, you might ask for a Motorola phone repair near me.

Of course, finding the Motorola customer service number to have Motorola customer service deal with your issue would be the most direct solution to making Motorola repairs. Another alternative is to search for Motorola dealers near me, perhaps the one you bought it from. For more information on Motorola and their phones plus basic repairs for mobile phones like theirs, this guide is for you. We will cover how to search for a Motorola phone repair near me and other information about the company, its customer service, and a DIY repair tutorial.

About Motorola

About Motorola

Motorola is an American telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Starting off making advancements in handheld radios, security enabling the walkie-talkie, and home use ones alongside television sets, Motorola has gone to create radio equipment for NASA and their Explorer 1. The achievements made by the company are undeniable as Motorola was responsible for transmitting famous words spoken by Neil Armstrong in space through a Motorola device.

Motorola wasn’t slacking in the computer departments back then as they made some of the first 32-bit microprocessors. Helping pave the way for companies like Apple, Commodore, and Atari, Motorola eventually found itself making cellular phones and laptops after their advancements in wireless network equipment. This allowed for the world’s first commercially available cellular device the DynaTAC 8000X telephone. And by 1993 cellphones made up 2/3rds of Motorola’s profits. Nowadays wireless services are essential in the workplace and engineering wireless services provide the best infrastructure that can gather data at lower costs.

With the 2000s rolling along they would make a name for themselves again with the first commercially GPRS cellular network which was in the UK. And in 2002 would introduce a wireless cable modem gateway, it was designed to be like a modem router with an ethernet switch and wireless home gateway.

After all of these, they would create what they advertised as flip phones, properly cementing the “mobile” in mobile phones. Within the past decade though they have focused on developing smartphones to be used with Google’s open-source OS Android.

What Happened To Motorola?

By 2011 though they split both of the companies still use Motorola in their names but one being Motorola Solutions and the other being Motorola Mobility. Motorola Solutions focused on police-related technologies, radios, and commercial goods. The second being, Motorola Mobility, are the ones that make the mobile phones and other accessories now. This split was both to be able to improve business operations but because of the great recession, it cost the company billions of dollars.

Within the same year though, Google attempted to buy out Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This move was mainly made so that Google had more direct control over the creators using their OS Android. Mainly wanting to keep a hold of several patents, Google upped their bidding aggressively until they eventually bought out Motorola Mobility.

Later on, Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google with 2.9 billion dollars. Even after this acquisition, however, Google still held most of the patents it wanted out of Motorola Mobility.

Motorola’s Customer Service – Motorola Phone Repair Near Me

Now when looking for Motorola phone repair near me or any mobile repair near me there are a few things to consider. It is important to verify if the damage is to the software, hardware, or direct damage like water seepages before finding a Motorola phone repair near me.

If the problem is in the software you might not need to search for a Motorola phone repair near me as running through a common troubleshooting guide online can fix the problem. If you’re still able to operate the phone with software issues, try launching Motorola’s smart assistant tool.

But if online guides and Motorola’s smart assistant tool fail to work then consider going to a Motorola phone repair near me. This can be done at an official Motorola store or by searching for any Motorola dealer near me. For hardware or direct physical damage, it is better to immediately take it to a Motorola phone repair near me but do note that physical damage is not covered by the standard warranty.

Assuming you can’t find a Motorola phone repair near me there is an option to do it remotely. With the standard service, your device will be mailed to a service center and returned once the problem is resolved. If you need it in a hurry, for $24.99 + repair cost you can get a replacement as long as you ship out your broken phone to a Motorola phone repair.

If you do still have a warranty on your device, you can just take your phone to a Motorola phone repair near me but remember that physical damage is not under this coverage. You can check for the details of the warranty and what it covers on Motorola online site.

Finally, if you do have some technical knowledge you can request a fix-it kit from Motorola, that way you don’t have to look for a Motorola phone repair near me. This is better than just outright fixing it yourself as you get replacement Motorola parts to assure compatibility similar to if you took it to a Motorola phone repair near me. It is recommended however that you pick this option after the warranty has expired as it may void it.

If you choose to go with a Motorola phone repair near me or through their standard mail-in service, then there will be an estimate of how much it will cost. If all these options, searching for a Motorola phone repair near me, sending it to a Motorola phone repair near me, or a Motorola store near me, or even waiting for the fix-it kit to arrive sounds like it’ll take too long, you can repair the phone yourself. But we suggest only doing this if you have some experience with DIY projects.

DIY Resources: Repairing A Motorola Yourself

DIY Resources Repairing a Motorola Yourself

The most obvious way to learn smartphone repair skills or mobile screen repair is by taking a short course or working with a local phone repair service. This will guarantee hands-on experience with a person already knowledgeable in the field. If however, you have no education centers that provide such or something similar and the local service shop doesn’t want to take on a newbie, you can look to the internet. This way can be faster and cheaper assuming you’re a quick learner or can get good resources to learn from.

There are of course several sites that can help you as they go through step by step what to do with certain problems. Some other sites or especially forum sites can give you knowledge on the theory behind it helping you be more flexible and capable in general. Both of these are important if you want to try and make a career off of repairing. For an average user however you might just want to stick with the step-by-step resources.

Here are some resources that are clear, quick, and free to use that can help you fix your issue or get you started.

  1. – This is probably the first site you would come across when searching this topic, and with good reason. This site is the most reputable and expansive about different repair topics and more. They cover not only cell phones but most electronic devices and even cars. All of their guides are comprehensive and go to great lengths to make it easy to read and do having text and images, or video options to follow along with. This unparalleled amount of help is because they believe that doing your repairs is important for the consumer.
  2. – This is a less comprehensive but possibly more in-depth resource. This is because it is a hosting site for tech enthusiasts to write blogs. This does mean you will find a large variety of topics but cell phones and how to repair them are no doubt part of the discussion.
  3. – This is a site that isn’t as extensive in content compared to the other two. Not only because it is focused on cell phone repairs but also because it just has less info in general. Instead, its main allure is letting beginners know a lot of early knowledge that you sort of just stumble upon when actually doing it. It is however a great place to get educated as there are different step-by-step guides for various scenarios when it comes to most simple issues.
  4. – Has a very easy-to-read and use catalog. With all of their articles being organized based on the issue, the site allows users to quickly brush up on things and is great for users just wanting to quickly know what to do. Again, the website does have a limited selection but emphasizes the ease of finding guides.
  5. – It is another blog site focused more on the repair of cell phones. Having a decent number of users that contribute, they do specialize in Apple products as most of their resources focus on them. So if you’re dealing with, or want to know how to deal with Apple phones this is the place to look.

Basics Of DIY Cell Phone Repair

Basics of DIY Cell Phone Repair

Now before you go we’ll go over some of the basic things you should do when it comes to DIY like a bit of advice and what tools you should stock up on. The most important tool you can have for disassembly is a multimeter. So getting familiar with the multimeter and its functions is important. You can do this with a video or just by reading the manual. Just make sure you understand how it works and how it’s used to prevent any errors.

Another important aspect is familiarizing yourself with the disassembly of your phone. Preferably you can get your hands on a number of other brands and models. That way you can familiarize yourself with what typically stays the same, and where it usually varies. If you possess these two you can do most simple repairs already.

Assuming you stock up on parts or repair phones, or simply want to keep yours in a good condition then you should always clean and do basic servicing on the phone or parts. This helps prolong their lifespan as components are fairly fragile. This can also help so you can spot problem parts early and either fix them or solder on a replacement part.

This step-by-step repair will be concerning Nokia 1100 models and other similar archetypes from Nokia or any other brand. It’s fairly important to start from simple bar-type phones since it covers many things you will see in more complex phones as well. So spending some time learning to work with something like a Nokia 1100 is a good starting point. As with any skill, practicing the fundamentals is key to mastery.

Find The Right Resources

As we covered earlier it is best if you can find an education center or training institute that covers these topics. If you can get a number of people to enroll with you this may get you a discount. So find some friends willing to throw a couple of bucks and spend a few hours every week to learn a new skill. The next best thing to this is to work with a repair shop if they are willing to take on students basically. If you can’t find ANY of these then online resources should be your last option, preferably you can still find a class about it online.

Learn The Language

Learning the terms used in electronics and telecommunication. This will help get you through any online resources or any real-life classes you might be taking


Learn to disassemble and reassemble the phone you will be practicing on. Preferably you can work with a few models of the phone for this.


Being able to identify and know each part of the PCB of a cell phone is important. This makes navigating the problem and troubleshooting quicker and more accurate.


Spend time troubleshooting and checking through the software as well. This is just as important as dealing with the hardware as a number of issues can affect both sides.

Shift To Smartphones

After you familiarize yourself with how to deal with basic mobile devices. You can start to take steps into smartphones as a lot of what you have learned will still apply.

Keep Learning

Once you can confidently fix phones of any kind it is important to keep updated on new changes in software from both Android and iOS.

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