File this one under “it took you long enough.”  I’m (reluctantly) proud to announce that I finally posted a new version of Kaxaml that support the shipping version of Silverlight 2.  To create a Silverlight tab, either choose “New Silverlight Tab” from the file menu or hit Ctrl+L on  your keyboard.  You can tell if you’re looking at a Silverlight tab because it will have a blue dot (instead of the orange one on a WPF tab).

It’s still a beta and the beta-y thing about it are:

1. There is no way to load an image, font or any other resource into the Silverlight page.  I’ve got some ideas for working around this, but haven’t had time to try it out yet.

2. There are still a handful of bugs (thanks to those of you who have sent them!) that have gone unresolved.  So far, nothing egregious but you may run into a handful of things that don’t work as expected.

Happy XAML’ing.

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