Wait till you see the Paper app – it’s a super iPad app for drawing. True, there is a heap of similar apps, but this one trumps them all. To prove that this is true, in just two weeks they’ve sold 1.5 million copies.

What makes it so much better, is their focus and commitment to doing something extraordinarily well.  The app is something utterly amazing as it gives you a host of drawing tools that imitate real-life pencils, paint, brushes, and highlighters, among others. Different notebooks can be provided.

It’s obviously a huge success as more than 25 million people use it. After all, it offers many guides, tips, and tricks to sketch with confidence and bring out any ideas you have to life.

A manifesto to guide you

Quite possibly what makes their app so amazingly extraordinary is that they have a manifesto; So just like they have a manifesto, you could use a manifesto too. It’s like a private declaration of what you want to achieve.

The good thing about actually writing down a manifesto is that you can keep returning to it and see what it is that is important to you.

You can say that a personal manifesto written with a purpose can encourage you on how to go about achieving your goals. It’s a reminder of what your purpose is, just like with the Paper app. They worked towards a purpose and look what they achieved – millions of people gravitating towards the app.

Those who created the Paper app have this belief that people are naturally creative.  However, they believe that this creativity is often allowed to fall by the wayside because people become involved in life and then forget about this creativity.

Anybody can be creative today, especially when you look at all the tools we have at our disposal. Most of us have the ability to use our brains and come up with lots of inspirational ideas.  The idea that anyone can be creative should appear on your manifesto and who knows, it might steer you towards starting a business.

That’s why with a dream in your mind, the whole concept with the Paper app is to reach for pen and paper and start getting your ideas on paper.

So the first thing is to actually write down things that you think you’re good at or you want to be good at. Of course, you want to understand what qualities you need to acquire your goals. You can imagine that the team for the Paper app must have spent months if not years figuring out how to get all the ideas onto a digital screen.

They had to think about things such as how watercolor paint bleeds properly when you hold your finger down in place.

So if you’re unhappy with your goals so far, set new goals for yourself in your manifesto and write a few short declarative sentences about how you intend to work hard at whatever you do. You can haul your manifesto out every morning just to make sure you’re still on track with your intentions.

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