When working with WPF control templates, you will often come across a file or a template that has the prefix “part” before the rest of the file name. If you have encountered this and have been frustrated by it, this needs no longer be the case.

The “Part” that precedes the rest of the control element is simply a naming convention. It means that the program expects some element with the word “part” in it and will search for it. It also is a way of marking that file as important and telling the computer operator not to change the name.

Any time control has to access the template, perhaps frequently, it is a best practice to begin the filename with the word “Part”. There are several reasons why this is done, but the most common one is because very often elements may be missing in a template while it is still in the process of being authored or created. This very often happens with those who use tools like Expression Interactive Designer. For those who are heavily into authoring templates, this little tip should go a long way. So far, this little tip has not been documented, but they are all represented in SimpleStyles. Many conventions exist, but it is doubtful that this naming convention is familiar to software developers.

There are many tips and tricks that can be tried out when authoring programs and templates. But like I said earlier, it is a good practice to follow this naming convention, wherever possible. Not absolutely essential, but it will make life a lot easier for other SDK developers when they are having a busy day and do not want to waste much time looking for files or pieces of code!

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