Advertising is something that all brands need. Surely you haven’t forgotten the billboards of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Like Las Vegas, New York, buildings are covered with digital LCDs to attract you to other cities of the U.S. On your mobile phones, you come across multiple ads making you click and buy. All of these are advertising schemes. But hold on, how many brands among thousands persuade you for the call to action? Only those who have a persuasive tone can catch the attention of customers. It is really a challenging task. More clearly, you have to use the persuasive technique in advertising your product.

Persuasive Advertising

Persuasive advertising

It is a way of advertising to convince the target audience to buy a particular product. It creates a trustworthy relationship between customer

and brand. One of the potent advertising types is the persuasive technique in advertising.

Importance Of Persuasive Technique In Advertising

In any field of life, specific techniques are necessary to excel. The same is the case for selling products. There are millions of different product ads circulating on digital media and other mediums.

You can’t deny the importance of persuasive technique in advertising your product. You have to see, is your technique compelling enough to

  • Make people stop on your product ad?
  • Catch the attention of social media users?
  • Make them emotional enough to buy your product?

It’s up to the mind behind the techniques you use to persuade people to buy your product. Before digging deep into how to obtain a persuasive technique in advertising your product? We have to look for mediums and advertising methods.

Use Of Persuasive Technique In Aristotle’s Times

Advertising is not a new thing. It is a decades-old term and way of marketing to grab people’s attention. A famous Greek philosopher Aristotle gave golden and basic persuasive technique in advertising. These are

  • Pathos (emotions)
  • Logos (logos and reasons to advertise)
  • Ethos (what is the credibility of a product? Marketing ethics)

The principles of persuasive advertising that were made about 250 years BC are fundamentals of modern advertisement. Till now, these three basic principles are taught in marketing and advertising.

Persuasive Technique In Advertising Your Product

Before discussing the methods of advertisement, you must know the answers to the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is in demand?
  • What is trending?
  • What does the target audience need?
  • Do you have enough reasons to convince the people?

You must have knowledge of the target audience. In adding ads on social media, they always ask about the target audience. Clothing companies with funky designs always create their ads by keeping the young audience in mind.

If you want to sell any product, you need to advertise it persuasively. Here are the following ways you can act upon to sell your product:

1: Target The Emotions

It is the easiest persuasive technique in advertising. Many events come in the whole year like:

  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • New year
  • Christmas and many more like these.

In some way or another, people are attached to these events. They love to make their parents, children, or any other relatives happy. You can use emotions before these events to persuade people to buy your products.

2: Convince The People

How will you convince the people? They watch thousands of ads daily while using mobile. A person buys a product only if it seems to be useful for them. You have to convince people that your product is their need of the moment or life. In case of an event, it will make their loved ones happy. If there is a weather-related product, you can target their needs to buy accessories. If it is winter, you can use a persuasive technique in advertising your product like hoods, jackets, mittens, mufflers, etc. You have to use such words that people think that they must buy these winter accessories right now.

3: Use A Catchy Slogan

Sometimes a catchy slogan can be persuasive enough to grab the attention of people. You may remember some of the famous slogans:

  • Gillette: The best a man can be
  • Nike: You can do it
  • Apple: Think different
  • KFC: It’s finger-lickin’ good.
  • Dunkin donuts: America runs on Dunkin.

And of course, chocolate lovers can’t forget the ad slogan of KitKat

  • Have a break, have a KitKat.

4: Spread The Word

Share your ad on different platforms and spread the word. You can share your ad on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other apps.

5: Use Influencer Marketing As A Persuasive Technique In Advertising

The use of influencer marketing can be an excellent means of using the persuasive technique in advertising your product. People love to follow influencers and the products they use. It is due to the trust they have built-in people. You can use that trust as the testimony of your product.

6: Offer A Discount

In the business, the customer always looks for discounts and gifts. You can use this behavior as an opportunity for advertisement. Like,

  • You can say that you will get a gift every time you buy a product if you sign up for a newsletter.
  • You can offer a coupon
  • You can offer a 10 or 15% discount for the first few purchases.
  • Get two products at some discounted rate.

These little favors are the perfect persuasive technique in advertising your product.

7: Cash Your Experience In Advertisements

If you are old in the selling market, you can use your experience as a persuasive technique in

advertising. Experience is a guarantee in itself that you have survived the marketplace. There must be something in your criteria. People look for values. And experience is a precious value. It shows that

  • Your product is reliable
  • Your brand name is trustworthy
  • Your product has a market value.

You must use high-quality products because it’s the only way to build customers’ trust in your product and service.

8: Play With Customer’s Psychology

If you are selling a product that is a valuable and dire need of the customer, you can add the element of scarcity in your advertisement. An example of hand sanitizers in a pandemic is enough for it. People used this tactic that sanitizers are scarce, only five bottles are left, buy now or never. The lines like these persuade your target audience to buy your product:

  • Only three pieces left of your favorite product
  • Last chance to buy this product, will not restock again
  • 10 people already have this product in their cart, hurriedly grab your product.

9: Comparison With Other Products

You can compare your product for its quality and usage with others to convince customers. If your product is a chair, then you can write that

  • It is more comfortable than others.
  • It will look elegant in both the living and bedroom.
  • Its color will go up with any room setting like curtains, beds, etc.

This persuasive technique of advertising will help in the critical thinking of the customer. Sometimes comparisons are more helpful in convincing the customers.

10: Think Like A Customer

Before advertising your product and writing an ad, you must exchange your place with a customer. What will convince you if you are a customer? It will open new doors of thought for you.

Types Of Advertisements

Types of advertisements

Some of the crucial types of ads are: Nowadays, location based advertising and in app advertising are very famous and common.

Location Based Advertisement

You must have searched for fried chicken near you many times. Google shows the results of fried chicken restaurants near you. It is location based advertising. It is a basic form of advertising. In location based advertising

  • You can send more personalized messages
  • The target audience is more vivid
  • Customers can get information about a product or any other deal concerning their location.
  • Customers can come to know about different events happening in their location range.

Location based advertisement helps organizations target customers. Many big names use this method for promotion. They inform the mobile user about their offers if they are near their store or coffee shop. Many companies have witnessed this method as a powerful advertising tool for increasing sales.

In App Advertisement

You are playing a game on the mobile phone, and in between, there appears an ad for other games. You are using Facebook or Instagram; there appear video ads on your screen in the posts or pages. By the way, video ads have a higher user attention rate. You are using any mobile app, and an ad appears as a banner in front of you. These are all examples of in app advertisements.

In app has the status of a gold mine in 2021. It is one of the most expensive and competitive methods of advertising. Because through this, you can make ads according to the likes and dislikes of the consumer.

Digital Advertising Agency

If you can’t advertise your product, you can hire a digital advertising agency to do so. The role of a digital advertising agency is to promote your product. They will make a strategy by themselves and apply persuasive techniques for advertising your product. They will also do paid advertising for this purpose.

If you are interested in obtaining a persuasive technique in advertising your product on social media only, you can hire a social media advertising agency.

Social Media Advertising Agency

The main focus of a social media advertising agency is social media like Facebook, Instagram, where people show their presence for hours. They will put your ads as a banner or video form in a controlled manner. They have to keep in mind the following things before putting ads for your products:

  • target audience
  • Demand
  • Trends
  • Location
  • Presence of people

One of the best use of hiring a digital advertising agency and social media advertising agency is that:

They take care of all types of advertisements

  • It is their responsibility to get customers.
  • It is their responsibility to increase the market value of your product.

Bear in mind that you have to use money in any kind of advertisement on digital media. Either it is you or hired advertising agencies, you can’t get a response without spending money on your product.

Types Of Advertising Mediums

There are many types of advertising mediums.

  • Newspapers
  • Televisions
  • Billboards
  • Internet-related devices like mobiles, laptops, etc.

Before the age of the internet, newspapers, billboards, televisions, and radio were powerful mediums in using a persuasive technique in advertising products. Do you think in 2021, with mobile phones in about every hand, anybody bothers to look outside the car? I feel so no. Digital devices are the most potent medium now.

Age Of Online Advertising

Don’t bother one more question, if you want to sell your product, what will you do? You will indeed advertise your product, where you think more people are actively present. Like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Gmail

Most of the people on the internet must use these mediums. It’s the age of online advertising. One piece of information that may surprise you is that in 2016, in the U.S, the revenues generated by internet advertising were far more than the broadcast and cable television. It’s the age of internet advertising.

Marketing Vs Advertising

Marketing vs advertising

You may have looked at both terms many times on google. But what is the difference? Marketing is the sun, and advertising a product is a planet. Advertising is part of marketing.

Advertisement is the voice of a brand, a showcase to sell a product. It is always paid to advertise. But you can do marketing without money. If you have a Facebook profile, you can make a page and promote your product, thereby sharing it simply. You don’t require a single dollar for marketing. It’s simple marketing vs advertising example.


The persuasive technique is always that one technique that works out for you. Nowadays, advertisements also prove to be a source of anxiety for screen viewers. It’s a big challenge for you in this era to obtain persuasive techniques in advertising your product. And also remember that social media is full of advertisements.

You have to look for marketing vs advertising strategies to sell your product. If you want to hand over this responsibility to others, then a digital advertising agency and social media advertising agency is the best solution for you. They will work on a professional level to advertise your product.

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