After what seemed ages, I finally managed to create a unique version of Simple Styles that is exclusively designed for Silverlight.

This program has been completely rewritten from the ground up and since it is very new, may have some bugs. So if you guys are facing breaks and are stuck, please do write to me. 

So, what are Simple Styles?

To have a basic definition of Simple Styles, well they are nothing but a collection of styles and control templates, that will be the building blocks for your own custom templates. So, in plain English, it is simply a scaled-down version of a control template with no frills and appears in two colors. This is just a basic template, which you can then tweak to your heart’s content.

Additional Info

So to “simplify” things, Simple Styles all use VSM and incorporate many common program states. This works as well for XAML and coders as well as those acquainted with Blend. Most of the time, I don’t mess around with the program state, but still included it so as to increase Blend associations.

The way I work, I also do not use template bindings that work through the control. But I should mention here that many VSM editors in Blend, are not able to work with bindings. And since the blend state editor does the job real fine for me, I decided to drop using bindings.

For those who do hand-coding, this might be difficult but I think if you follow my advice, you will be on the right track.

Where can you get this code?

It’s easy to procure Simple Styles for Silverlight. You simply have to click on the link on the sample app given above, or alternatively, you can download the entire project in one go, by clicking on the sample app listed below

I have the code. Now how do I use it?

If you just try a little, it’s not hard to figure out how to use it by trial and error. But in case, you do not want to attempt that, then read up about the Resources, Control Templates, and also, Styles in Silverlight’s help options.

After all, this, if you are still a little lost, then you always drop in an e-mail and I can help you get started.

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