In the 1980s a small group of Texans got together to discuss the future of media and entertainment. At the meetings, it was agreed that the local communities were talented but just limited by a lack of exposure.

It was quickly confirmed that this problem wasn’t restricted to Austin, Texas but that it was a problem in other cities too. It was in October 1986 that the announcement of the first South By Southwest was made. The first event was held in 1987 and SXSW got underway.

Achieving your business goals

SXSW is a tool or resource for people from all over the world to share ideas. Ideas are put forward and the SXSW community then comments and votes to come up with a program. Community and staff vote to come to a final lineup.

For this year, 2021, seven conference themes were selected some of which were The Rebirth of Business, An Uncharted Future, A New Urgency, and Cultural Resilience in the Arts among others.

In previous years when wrapping up a week at SXSW there were also great highlights such as Internet legend Ze Frank attending the festival. He gave a launch of his new social sharing platform star. me.

At the SXSW there was also a soft launch of ThinkJS, a boilerplate project or package to build a toolkit for creating HTML5 games such as Agent 008 Ball and Throwing Stars.

Another soft launch is RunKeeper a fitness-tracking app that was launched in 2008. At the SXSW festival, it was an opportunity to show it off. People from RunKeeper were at the show to answer all queries on it and to give demos on how it works.

A popular session at the conference was by Mike Kruzeniski who is creative director at Microsoft. User interface or UI is what designers use to build interfaces in software. UI design is about graphical user interfaces and other forms. One of the best things seen at SXSW one year is the documentary ‘Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop’.Conan has planned a comedy tour after he left the Tonight Show. The documentary shows insight into how Conan tackled his feelings at the time.

A conference for economic developers

That’s two SXSW shows done and dusted. These tech conferences are excellent for integrating into your marketing plan.  The conference in Austin, Texas is a conference for economic developers and the conference allows businesses to target a diverse audience.

The South by Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival draws thousands of registrants from around the world. There are always excellent speakers and good music but SXSW is first and foremost a wonderful place to be for all tech-geeks because of the amazing panel sessions to instructional workshops.

It’s the ideal place to preview the technology that’s waiting for us in the future. One of the more recent festivals that had a conference on Fear of a robot-driven future is alive and well at SXSW. Who wouldn’t want to know how robots are going to impact our tomorrow with the decisions they make.

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