Productivity is one of the most important things in life, especially in making your life a sorted one. A person needs to be productive to achieve something in life because only then you would be able to achieve something in your day.

It is good to have a certain timetable and track your time and the work you do in a day to get the maximum things done and to know where you stand 2when it comes to efficiency.

If you are battling with being productive, here’s the list of top productive apps that would help you get the best out of yourself.

Top Productive Apps


Lio is a popular productive application that helps you keep track of all your day-to-day activities as well as progress in any work. The application has many uses based on your needs and requirements.

Offering you plenty of templates to work on, Lio is for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a student who needs to work on the syllabus or a project/assignment, an employee who is trying to manage his/her own work, an entrepreneur who is trying to figure out everything revolving around his day-to-day task, Lio does offer a lot to people.

You can work in collaboration with people on Lio, upload documents and images and keep all the information intact in folders on Lio.

Lio Website:


Todoist for all individuals who are trying to keep track of the work they do, just like Trello. This task management tool turns all complex to-do lists into manageable tasks and makes sure that all that goes on the list is not forgotten and is worked on.

You can set and change deadlines, create and organise tasks, set project goals, and track all your work. The app also offers measurement and reporting tools that are beneficial to keep track of the progress.



Available on Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Chrome, and Safari, Wunderist is designed for both people who are working in a team as well as individuals. In this productive app, you create lists rather than cards and group them in folders.

You can also assign tasks, set deadlines, and add comments wherever you want. This powerful platform offers several amazing features that do take your productivity to the next level.

Wunderist Website:


Perfect for teams, Trello is a simple and easy-to-use productive app. Based on Kanban board philosophy that consists of various boards. You can add tasks and then change the status as and when you start working on them. The status can be changed between to-do, working, and do which makes the progress much easier to track.

You can create lists, add to-do lists, assign tasks and manage your own. You can invite anyone to work on a task with you and they can be sitting in any part of the world. You can also have a real-time talk with your teammates, thanks to the instant messaging feature that Trello offers.



This messaging platform is perfect for teams to work and collaborate together sitting at different places. It lets you have a real-time conversation as you work on the project. The messaging tool is organized into channels that are at the discretion of the teammates to leave or join.

You can also have one on one chats with individuals, chat outside main topics in separate threads. This is great because it does not interrupt the normal conversation which is going on in the group.

Slack Website:


Available on Android, Web App, and iOS, Monday is a complex and powerful version of Trello that is perfect if you are working on project management. It is best for big teams that are juggling multiple projects and are working on complex projects.

Available on Android

On Monday you can use multiple views including the very popular Kanban dashboard. There are several features that Monday offers like multiple views with the help of which you can check project overviews, timelines, individual workflows, checklists, and reports.

You can also track your progress, update status, receive notifications, as well as to reassign or prioritize tasks depending upon the need. On Monday you can also upload and share files so that everyone has access to it.

There is also a chart view and Timeline View which helps get an overall view of how the projects are progressing, the timelines of tasks, and how your team is performing each task assigned to them.

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